Degrees of Succulence

Bocadillos portátiles, inesperados. A small mouthful, portable and unexpected. Much of the appeal of travel stems from the revitalization of the primordial hunter-gatherer that is genetically encoded within us, in some more distinctly than in others. The satisfaction of hunger is an ordering event. A purpose that arises naturally, the ingenuity and discovery that its resolution often requires while traveling put the traveller in touch with his elemental, animal nature in such a way as to distinguish, precisely, what it is to be human while maintaining the proximity to animal being that the most elevated degree of perception absolutely requires.

We emerged from the immense, packed, and throbbing house music club a few hours short of dawn and stepped out into a sidestreet that was more crowded than it would be at any other time of day, to feel with sudden acuteness that lusty pang of hunger known best to late night merrymakers. Satisfaction was immediate. My madrile├▒o companions shared none of my surprise, and therefore only a lesser degree of gratification, when the helmeted rider dismounted from his moped immediately across the narrow street in front of us, opened the hard plastic pannier that was mounted on the rear and began to sell freshly made bocadillos to the late night crowd, ourselves first among them. Queso manchego and sliced tomatoes on long loaves of perfect bread: the bocadillo seemed a thing designed for late night, two-wheeled delivery. Not a whit short of perfect flavor and freshness of justly proportioned ingredients, yet how many greater degrees of succulence were derived from the placing and timing of it all, from the unexpectedness of this excellent quarry?