Shelving Habits

I have amused myself in my last two apartments by storing all of my books on theology, spirituality, and mind-altering substances together on the same shelves. None of my guests has ever noticed this without my pointing it out, but for me the continuity of the subject matter is as plain as day. Meditation, God, spirituality, the altered mind state achieved via some ingestible or another (from wine to marijuana to LSD)-each of these treats of ecstasy. Some will be quicker than others to insist that there is a difference, that there is something irresponsible about putting these things on the same shelf, or even that ecstasy is not as essentially an affiliate of the spiritual matter as it is of the chemical. They are right to varying degrees, of course, and I would not be comfortable if my capacity for responsibility were to be judged by my quirky shelving habits. But similarity, loosely perceived, is not an uncommon place to begin a closer examination of things.