Remarks on Neighbors

Out the front door of our building, and down the street to the shore of Prospect Park Lake. Door to water's edge: 1 minute travelling time (I could count the paces). This is not quite the Pacific Ocean's edge in Playa Del Rey or Marina Del Rey...but it has some element of that...enough to recollect the state of mind. If I stand on the very edge of the water, the same sort of meditative absorption occurs.

Last night, moments after sunset, enormous high clouds, brilliant white and glowing all pink beneath. Colors and wind patterns on the water. The trees in all their new green. Some other souls, like myself, alone in contemplation on the shoreline.

A new kind of birdwatching...not seeking the as-yet-unseen, but studying the already known. The great egret lands and strides toward a perch on a fallen log, all of the resting mallards scatter loudly into the water, yielding the space in plain awareness of that predatory beak.

Ducks in layers of circles of light.
Red-winged blackbirds chucking at each other. Vivid stripe of yellow.
First soaring barn swallow of the season.
All this within a minute.